Remembering those who have served our country, and often benefited other countries, in their dedication to the armed services throughout history. Minooka Veterans Memorial Park is dedicated to all veterans.

The village owned property at the corner of Mondamin Street and Wabena Avenue was the site of the old train depot. This site has now been established through the help a volunteer committee, The Village of Minooka, and the Minooka American Legion Post 1188 as a Veteran's Memorial Park.

The Veterans Circle and pathway made of plane and inscribed bricks is an integral part of the Park. Any man or woman who served in the armed forces can have their name inscribed on a brick for the pathway.

The park is funded in part by Minooka Sumerfest proceeds and donations from businesses, individuals, and organizations. You can help by purchasing a brick for yourself, a relative, or a friend. The veteran memorialized does not need to be or ever have been a resident of Minooka or a member of the American Legion.

To have a brick engraved with the name of a veteran download and print our BRICK ORDER FORM. Fill in the information on the form and send it to us with your check as shown onthe form. To purchse multiple bricks for several veterans, send us a form for each veteran with a check for the total order. We will place family bricks ordered at one time together on the walkway.

Bricks are usually installed twice a year.